About Us

Highly multi-disciplinary in nature, LNBD research combines knowledge from diverse fields, among them microelectronics, nanotechnology, microfluidics, machine learning, biochemistry, medicine and genetics. Borrowing from these different disciplines, the laboratory develops novel solid-state and flexible devices/sensors, as well as electronic sensory nanoarrays for application in various areas.

Healthcare diagnosis, consumer electronics, robotics, sports and fitness, environmental monitoring and other fields all stand to benefit from work at the LNBD. The lab’s comprehensive approach comprises materials and device development, system integration, testing in lab and clinical/technological environments, practical application (disease diagnosis), widespread screening of high-risk factors and exploitation of project results/hardware.


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The LNBD group operates by fully leveraging knowledge and networks across related sectors, and by rapidly turning new ideas to solutions and services. To realize its full potential, the laboratory has assembled a critical mass of partners from across the scientific, technical and commercial and public sectors, to develop intrinsically scientific and technologically-driven approaches. LNBD projects are built upon multidisciplinary activities, and address the scientific goals and business objective. Project types include:

  • Innovation by Ideas: focuses on projects that are “solution-driven”, namely a potential solution has been identified that either capitalizes on an opportunity or addresses a specific problem presented by demographic ageing of the population.
  • Innovation by Design: is “needs-driven” and stems from a       recognized market need or societal problem.