Open Positions

  Opening for a Ph.D Position!


A new and most attractive Ph.D position is now available in the LNBD group in the general field of “electronic skin platforms for health diagnosis and treatment”. By mimicking the real human skin, the project aims to develop advanced platform of electronic skin that can detect stress, temperature and chemical analytes with a permeable structure. The project aims to achieve multiple sensing abilities in such a smart system to not only achieve the functions of human skin but also upgrade the ability to monitor the health condition of human beings through detecting the volatile biomarkers emanate from human skin.


Request skills and background:

Appropriate candidates for the current open position shall have outstanding academic and research achievements and shall meet two of the following requests at least:

  • Background in materials science and engineering, with a preference to polymer science.
  • Background in Chemistry.
  • Experience in nano-device fabrication especially in flexible nano-device fabrication is preferred.
  • Experience in electrospinning.


For applications, please contact:

Professor Hossam Haick of the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute.

Email address: hhossam@technion.ac.il;

Group homepage:  http://lnbd.technion.ac.il