Professor Hossam Haick received the prestigious Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Honoris Causa, from University of Haifa

The honorary degree is being awarded In recognition of his groundbreaking achievements and significant contribution to the development of cutting-edge approaches to  non-invasive medical diagnosis of early-stage disease; for his extraordinary abilities to apply his research findings into advanced and efficient medical devices; for his continued investment in the education of a future generation of scientists through an understanding that the best investment is in promoting research and knowledge among young people; for his contribution and extensive community activities that support the integration of technology in the educational system, and for his work to advance higher education in Israel.

Prof. Haick has received the Advanced Alexander von Humboldt Research Award

The award is given to prominent researchers who have significantly influenced their fields of study, provided they maintain some type of cooperation with research institutes in Germany. It is granted in recognition of a researcher’s achievements as a whole – discoveries, theories, and insights.

Prof. Haick received the award for his tremendous contribution to the diagnosis of diseases through innovative markers that he discovered in his research at Technion. These are markers that are present in the breath and skin.


Professor Hossam Haick is included in GOOD Magazine’s 2016 “GOOD 100″

The list includes honorees from 37 countries and sorts them by six categories: health; earth; justice & equality; spaces; information; and stories. This recognition is in honors of the efforts of Prof. Haick to deliver non-invasive diagnostic tools that can contribute for better health being at affordable cost, both in the developed and developing countries.